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SOswing Convention!

Returns FULL FORCE with Episode 4, including batches of amazing pros, WSDC comps, & 24-hour-a-day non-stop FUN.

3rd Weekend in May
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SO Big Events Calendar 2015!       

Mountain Magic, 11/5-11/8

We love this event. Relatively nearby in S. Lake Tahoe, it’s about 4.5 hrs away from SO, about the same distance of Portland. WCS pro Michelle Kinkaid has been hosting this event for 17 years! She’s got it down to a sweet science and tons of fun. The hotel is great, including the best indoor pool of any convention. Just confirmed, Dave Kahn will be offering his dancers’ fitness workshop, the UnDiet at this event!

S2S, 11/5-11/9

S2S, for those soon-to-be-in-the-know, is Sea to Sky, one of Seattle’s premiere WCS events, hosted by our friends, WCS pro Michael Kielbasa and Cheryl Lyons. Good people with tons of experience and connections to the WCS community. This event never fails to satisfy, and it’s extra-cool that it’s in Seattle, one of our favorite towns.
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